Ratio:1 is a self-paced matching game where you match falling tiles by moving your stacks of tiles across the bottom of the board.

You control the pace, gameplay is a relaxing and engaging puzzle of planning your moves and building the best chain of matches every turn.

Two game modes allow you to choose either the more casual Match 2, or the strategic Match 3. In either mode, the more you score the more colors are added for a greater matching challenge!



  • For every space you move your stacks left or right, free tiles fall once space.
  • For every match and combo in a turn, you earn a drop move to advance the falling pieces without moving the stacks.
  • Stacked tiles wrap and scroll from edge to edge, letting you choose the best match or build a large combo.
  • If any stack crosses the line at the top of the board, Game Over!
  • Hint: You can make a match above the line!



  • Great for all ages, you decide how to play – casual or strategic.
  • Includes swipe control for an easy, natural game play experience.
  • Easy to learn, with many techniques to master for the best matches.
  • Local leaderboard with player initials for the top 3 in each mode.
  • GameCenter leaderboards for global ranking of your highest scores.
  • Two game modes, Match 2 and a harder Match 3.
  • Each mode progresses to a total of eight tiles based on score.
  • Every game has a random start for a new experience every time.